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About the Artist

Payal is a clay artist, craft enthusiast, art instructor and nature lover. While she is passionate about many art/craft forms such as decoupage, resin, clay, mixed media, sculpture paintings and mandalas, she finds herself particularly entranced with clay. Since her childhood, she believed in gifting personalised handmade gifts to her friends and family. She aims to promote this culture of gifting personalised handmade gifts through her venture - Happy Hands. She plays around with different types of clay depending on the projects –air dry clay, polymer clay (baked) and decorative plasters. She loves intermingling different techniques and skill sets to create unique products. She also finds joy in teaching her skills to kids and adults and feels each learner bring a fresh perspective to the table which helps in creating unique art pieces.


Happy Hands focuses on creating personalised art for you/your loved ones at affordable prices. Our products include clay murals, sculpture paintings, abstract paintings, mandalas, dot art, decoupage and mixed media art pieces.