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About the Artist

Himani's creative journey has been a perfect balance of photography & art. Whilst she specialises in professional photography of food, products and portraits, on a personal level she is also an avid nature photographer.  

It is this passion for nature photography that drives here to create digital artworks, where she uses her own photographs with distinctive subjects, textures, settings and experiences, creating one-of-kind montage compositions depicting stories within stories. The final result is a kind of fantasy that portrays the harmony between nature and the universe. Her works also reflect the self and life, sometimes in living colour and sometimes in monochromatic tones. These images take time to reach totalness and while some are complex, others are meaningful in their deliberate simplicity.
Art & Photography allow her to express thoughts and emotions that can’t be expressed in any other way. This series is named “Meraki” and blends the two modes digitally to find a new medium that transcends and merges elements without boundaries or limits.

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